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louisroskosch: slippy toad!

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Zosen and Uri

Bdalona 2008

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Katayama Bokuyo, Forest, 1928

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jackteagle: Alien Girl 

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cute illustration

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Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic 

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REGOLO Typeface on Behance

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Lilly Pulitzer “She She Shells”

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Artist Name: Morgan Marshall - “Artsy Panda”


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precious works by Hajin Bae (a.k.a. soulist-aurora)

I’m an illustrator & graphic designer & art director.
I live in Seoul, Korea.

This is all my gift for you.
They are started from my life:
Eternal happiness.
They are mine but ‘inspiration’ can be yours. So go ahead and take it if you want. :)
※ But please do not use commercially.

South Korean artist Hajin Bae is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director based in Seoul. Bae likes to illustrate lovely young women in full technicolor. Her most recent project has been a collaboration with fashion photographer Bryant Eslava entited “BryJin" - fusing Eslava’s photographs with Bae’s illustrations to produce animated fashion illustration gifs. ( Txt from Juxtapoz )

Selected by Andrew

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